Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Captain Fantastic Chair

Our latest chair! Commissioned for the Houston House of Blues. Made from discarded pieces of a 1970's Bally Captain Fantastic pinball machine. The ball launcher has been refitted to sound the original chimes. Thanks to our most gracious model, Elvis-Basset Hound Extraodinaire.


mateo diaz said...

hi scoot im juan manuel from hard rock cartagena, do you remember me? well, i just wana say hello and write me i´m in hard rock buenos aires now, so if you need some thing here just let me know, mi email is diazarz@hotmail.com

have a good year, and say hello to everyone there...

Jill said...

Hey Wyo!
Great chair! Love the work you 2 are doing!
I've been able to get update's through your Momma,but i haven't been able to get in touch with her-
Please email me at: jillski11@yahoo.com
Hope you're feeling well!!!
(from Dellaria,Newton)