Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jazz Fest Is Here!

Jazz Fest is upon us once again! This will be my 21st fest and I am excited for the music, food and smiling faces of happy people! We again are working with Ben Jaffe at Preservation Hall to create some special pieces for them to use on stage for their upcoming 50th Anniversary shows. He is working with Fleur de Tease Burlesque to choreograph a special number using these hand painted parasols we made for the show. There are 7 individual parasols here that all come together to form one giant PHJB logo. It was a challenging project to figure out - but it really looks amazing in the end. 
Ben had found an old vintage megaphone and asked if we could hand paint it to personalize for the Hall.....

PHJB will be closing out the Fest on Gentilly Stage on the last Sunday and also having a very special evening show the night before at the newly renovated Joy Theatre on Canal St. 
Lots of special guests sitting in and you can see our handiwork in action on stage! We are so excited...

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